Medical Concierge

Support for patients throughout the ASEAN region

Icon Haematology, in partnership with Icon Cancer Centre Singapore, support patients in the Asia Pacific region who are seeking to travel for their cancer and haematological treatment.

Our strong cohort of specialist doctors work collaboratively to deliver personalised, evidence-based treatment plans for patients.

Our medical concierge service offers care that is sensitive to your needs at what may be a difficult time. Throughout your time with Icon, you will be supported by a companion who will assist from the initial point of contact, during treatment and follow-up.

Servicing patients in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates, our multilingual doctors and medical teams, alongside interpreters when required, are able to care for you in a culturally sensitive and personalised manner. Further to this, they provide assistance with coordinating accommodation, treatment and other required medical appointments.

Our triage service

Under the guidance and advice of our doctors, we offer a medical triage service to facilitate referrals, assist with diagnosis or transition from current care arrangements and help with appropriate medical tests and scans.

We have employed a unique shared-care model that connects patients to cancer treatments and clinicians, while enabling them to access local medical relationships to manage ongoing health, side effects and follow up appointments throughout treatment and beyond. This shared-care model allows patients to access ongoing care close to home and their support network while travelling for the acute part of their treatment.

How we support youHow we support you

  • Discuss

    Provide initial triage discussions for patients in the early stages of a cancer diagnosis or transitioning from current care arrangements.

  • Refer

    Facilitate access via referrals to Icon doctors

  • Plan

    Source the proposed treatment plan in collaboration with Icon doctors and arrange financial quotes / estimated costs

  • Clarify

    Assist in responding to queries on symptoms and medication in collaboration with Icon doctors

  • Book

    Arrange further appointments, scans or tests (if necessary) to assist with the care plans and treatment cycles

    Liaise with medical agents to arrange travel and accommodation

  • Support

    Accompany patients to clinics and assist with translation where necessary

    Provide further support services related to treatment such as:

    • Wig fittings
    • Allied health services such as physiotherapy
    • Counselling services
    • Liaison with concierge agents for travel and local transport

Frequently asked questionsFrequently asked questions

What services does Icon provide?

Icon Haematology provides a holistic approach to care delivered by a prominent team of doctors and clinicians.

We provide a wide range of treatments for blood disorders and offer access to chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy and radiation therapy services at Icon Cancer Centre. Our services are delivered in a supportive and comfortable environment.

What does treatment at Icon Haematology in Singapore look like?

Icon provides a holistic approach to care, aligning each stage of a patient’s blood disorder journey with the information and support they need. Our multilingual doctors and medical team can provide advice and assistance covering aspects of your stay and treatment. We also work hand-in-hand with interpreters who can also provide translation in a language of choice.

Singapore is easily accessible via major international airports with frequent direct flights. Getting around Singapore on public transport is also safe, convenient, quick and easy. All directional signages are in English, with spoken English as the national language.

What are the price ranges for consultations and treatment?

Initial consultations start from SGD200, repeat consultations start from SGD120.

Diagnostics tests and scans start from SGD700 for PET/MRI.

We can also assist our patients with submissions for international insurance claims. Goods and Services Tax (GST) refunds are also available for tourists at the airport.

What is the usual treatment duration?

Initial consultations and investigations usually take 2-3 days depending on what tests are required. Treatment plans are unique and depend on your diagnosis.

A treatment plan will depend on the type of blood disorder you have, the way it responds to treatment and your ability to tolerate the treatment. Your doctor will talk to you about the time period planned for your course of treatment.

If I have commenced treatment elsewhere can we still obtain advice and treatment from Icon doctors?

Yes. Face-to-face consultations are required to assess your condition to ensure proper assessment and diagnosis before embarking on any further treatment.

You would need to provide up-to-date test reports, blood tests and any available scans for our doctors and staff to provide potential treatment plans and fee estimations.

If I need a visa, can Icon assist me?

A letter from your doctor can be requested to support a visa application in the event of a prolonged stay. We can put you in touch with relevant agents accredited with the related hospital to assist you in your travel arrangements.

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