What are blood disorders?

Understanding blood disorders

There are a number of different kinds of blood disorders and blood cancers, such as anaemia, iron deficiency or overload, haemochromatosis, bleeding disorders and myelodysplasia. Some common blood cancers in Singapore are leukaemialymphoma and myeloma.

A doctor can help diagnose a blood disorder and may refer you to a haematologist who can provide support in treating and managing your condition. A haematologist is a doctor who specialises in blood-related disorders and disease.

When something is wrong with your blood, it can impact your health and day-to-day life.

Common types of blood disorders

At Icon, our prominent cohort of doctors diagnose and treat the causes and symptoms of a wide-range of blood disorders including:

  • Anaemia – Anaemia is a lack of red blood cells in the blood which result in reduced oxygen to the cells
  • Iron deficiency – Iron deficiency is a type of anaemia which causes tiredness, shortness of breath and dizziness
  • Haemochromatosis – Haemochromatosis is an inherited genetic condition which occurs when the body absorbs and improperly stores too much iron from the diet
  • Myelodysplasia – Myelodysplasia refers to a group of blood disorders that cause problems in the blood cells produced in the bone marrow
  • Thrombosis – Thrombosis is a blood disorder which involves the development of blood clots in different areas of the body

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