Families and carers

Icon’s priority is to support your loved ones and ensure you make time for yourself too.

Supporting a friend or loved one following a blood disorder diagnosis

In your role as a partner, family member, friend or neighbour of someone managing a ongoing haematological condition, you will likely be a source of support and care to your loved one throughout their diagnosis and treatment.

It can take time to adjust to this role, which may change over time, particularly if you are undertaking a formal carer role or helping out as required.

What can I do to help?

In your role as a carer or support person, you can assist in the following ways:

Your loved one may experience physical side effects impacting their day-to-day life and may often feel like their life is on hold. They will appreciate the offer of any practical support such as helping to care for children, cleaning the home, preparing meals or organisation of transport to and from treatment.

Offering emotional support and companionship to your loved one can often mean the most.  To provide emotional support through this difficult time, some ways include:

  • Communicating with family and friends
  • Actively listening
  • Providing understanding and comfort
  • Helping them access professional support if required

It can be overwhelming for the person with cancer to navigate their treatment and keep track of different information. You can support them by assisting them manage their medical journey. This may include:

  • Taking notes during consultations with their doctor
  • Organising future appointments
  • Helping keep a record of side effects and symptoms
  • Working with Icon’s care team to help make treatment and care decisions on your loved one’s behalf

Legal and Financial
To assist your loved one with organising their affairs can help make things easier for them and their family. Your assistance with arranging an appointment with a lawyer to make legal arrangements, helping with paperwork or finding the appropriate support to manage the financial impact, can support your loved one during what can be an emotional time.

Where can I find support?

It is important to take time to look after yourself in the role of a carer. The role of a support person or carer is rewarding, yet demanding at times.

As a carer, you can access professional services and support programs to support your emotional and physical needs. Please speak with our administration team if you would like access to support services.

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