Support Services

It is important to remember you’re not alone during this time. There are many people you can speak to who know what you’re going through.


There are many websites, books and social media sites that provide information about cancer, cancer treatment, and complementary and alternative medicines.

It is important to only look for current information from trustworthy providers, as it is easy to become confused by misleading and incorrect sources.

Singapore Cancer Society and Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation are reliable sources of additional information and support. We encourage you to utilise their resources.

For further information on available support services, refer to the Icon Cancer Centre website or talk to your care team about what options might suit you, your life and your type of cancer.

Cancer Information Library

Resources to help you learn more about cancer diagnosis and treatment.
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Allied Health

Allied health services play a significant role in getting you through treatment and meeting your recovery goals.
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Families and Carers

We know that a cancer diagnosis impacts the whole family. Learn where to find support while caring for a loved one.
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